Troupe Raqesi al-Qamar al-Masrion

Experience the splendor of Egypt! Explore a celebration of spirit through traditional Raqs al Sharqi.

Troupe Raqesi al-Qamar al-Masrion perform authentic Egyptian style Raqs al Sharqi, the dance also known as Belly Dance.

The company's repertoire spans the emotional gamut. Choreographies compliment the music of high energy Egyptian Al-Jeel and Shaabi to the work of traditional composers, but are always deeply embedded in authentic Raqs al Sharqi technique.

Savour the variety of styles of Egyptian music, from traditional to contemporary, and expand your appreciation of Middle Eastern Dance.

Allow Troupe Raqesi al-Qamar al-Masrion to infuse your world with the celebration of life, passion, culture, and dance...Egyptian Dance! The Heart of Belly Dance.

"A dancer without passion is like the sky without stars." ™

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