Have you ever dreamed of learning the dance that has captivated women since the time of the Pyramids?

Egyptian Raqs Sharqi,the Dance generally called Belly Dance, is the traditional empowering dance of the Middle East. It is a celebration of all that is sensuously female. In addition to improving flexibility, reducing stress, and keeping you in shape, it allows women a chance to express themselves...to dance from their heart.

The Egyptian Moon Dance Company is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Why not have some quality time, just for yourself, and join us in this ancient celebration of Egyptian Dance...The Heart of Belly Dance! Visit "Egyptian Dance! The Heart of Belly Dance",

The Egyptian Moon Dance Company provides performances based in traditional Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Artistic Director Shelby Pizzarro has performed and facilitated workshops and classes in Egypt, the United States, and Europe. Her work is featured in print media and on television in the United Kingdom and the United States. Shelby is the facilitator of the "Powerful Passionate Woman" Workshops and Weekend Retreats.

Troupe Raqesi al-Qamar al-Masrion's repertoire is deeply embedded in authentic Egyptian Raqs Sharqi technique. Their programme is a blend of traditional and contemporary musical styles, exploring a deep appreciation of Egyptian culture intertwined with dance. The Egyptian Moon Dance Company conducts a lecture and demonstration series suitable for public and private organizations, as well as schools.